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Healthy and in Shape

Healthy and in Shape

Caffeine: how our health is affected?

By 1 day ago

Reading Time: 3 minutes Caffeine is a stimulant found in some plants, dating back to 2700 BC when the first tea in history was made. Coffee was discovered long afterward when an Ethiopian shepherd discovered that his animals became more active when they drank coffee. Today, nearly 80% of people in the world consume caffeinated beverages every day, and […]

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This is us” Chris Sullivan addresses “anger” on a fat suit

By 1 day ago

Reading Time: 3 minutes This we addressed the star Chris Sullivan some disappointment viewers from revealing that he is wearing a fat suit to shoot Toby. This is us” Chris Sullivan addresses “anger” on a fat suit During an interview with Megan Kelly, Sullivan was asked about the controversy over prostheses, which he has worn since the show began. […]

What is The Cinderella Solution?

By 6 days ago

Reading Time: 3 minutes   Cinderella Solution program focuses on the ICE dysfunction which turns around the idea that there is some imbalance of the insulin hormones. The program teaches women how they can lengthen their lives just for eating healthy. The system works with weight and exercise plan for women over 30 who want to lose more than ten […]

7 ways to heal your inner child

By 7 days ago

Reading Time: 5 minutes 7 ways to heal your inner child Why is the healing of the inner child so immensely important?Your inner child is pure joy of life.Your inner child can lead you into the liveliness of life, full of energy.Your inner child is the gateway to your creativity.Your inner child helps you to be astonished again, to […]

Stress And Anxiety.

By 1 week ago

Reading Time: < 1 minute The combinations of barbiturate and Caffeine make Fioricet. Which is used to treat tension headaches that happen due to the contraction of muscles? It also helps to Ease Stress and Anxiety.  Fioricet consists of three types of salts, namely acetaminophen, caffeine, and butalbital. Acetaminophen helps to relieve fever and pain. Caffeine helps to stimulate the Central Nervous […]

How to Manage Stress and Boost Productivity

By 2 weeks ago

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s okay to experience occasional stress – may it be due to work, family or certain events. We all have our bad days! According to experts, stress is good for your mind and body. Stress causes urgency which can result in completing more in less time. This eventually makes you cope with serious situations easily […]

Tips For Eating Healthy While Traveling.

By 2 weeks ago

Reading Time: 2 minutes   8 Tips For Eating Healthy.     If you travel for work or pleasure, you know that healthy food can sometimes be hard to come by. Or I should at least say there are so many temptations out there. That the healthy options seem few and far between. Being prepared is 75% of the […]

SOUL by Rain International

By 2 weeks ago

Reading Time: < 1 minute Tap the Image to Learn More

Improve Your Focus at Work with these 7 Effective Tips

By 2 weeks ago

Reading Time: 5 minutes Do you find it hard to focus at work? Perhaps you are working in a disordered environment or maybe you’re surrounded with various distractions. Whatever your reasons are, there are simple techniques to boost your focus and improve your productivity at work. In a fast-paced environment, keeping a focused mind can be challenging. So we […]

What Is Agility And Why it is Important in Today’s World

By 2 weeks ago

Reading Time: 5 minutes Agility. Does it ring a bell? If you look at the Internet, the Oxford English Dictionary will tell you that agility is “the ability to move quickly from place to place” and “the ability to think and understand quickly”.  In the sports science community, Sheppard and Young gave agility a fresh description: "a rapid whole-body […]

What are the best ways to lose weight?

By 2 weeks ago

Reading Time: 3 minutes   Give up sugar.  Easy on foods that turn to sugar (breads, pastas, pizza, fried potatoes). Start your day with warm to hot water with lemon. Helps get liver, gallbladder and digestive system releasing. Drink at least half your weight in ounces of water/day (best between meals). Chew food to a liquid. Will help you […]

The 10 Top-Rated Home Workout Essentials for a Fitter, Healthier Body

By 3 weeks ago

Reading Time: 5 minutes which home fitness equipment is best? The 10 Top-Rated Home Workout Essentials for a Fitter, Healthier Body One of the best things you can do for your body is to exercise with gym equipment. Yet, many people balk at heading to the gym out of personal fears such as embarrassment in addition to some gym […]

Simple & Effective Guide to Breaking Bad Work Habits

By 3 weeks ago

Reading Time: 5 minutes Are you guilty of having bad work habits? Well, every person has their own habit every time they wake up in the morning or before going to sleep. Habits can be weird, unique, destructive or helpful. A good habit in the morning would be waking up at 5:00 am and reading an inspirational book for […]

Venus Factor Extreme Review

By 3 weeks ago

Reading Time: < 1 minute If ever there was a weight loss bible for women, the Venus Factor Extreme would be it. If you Googled ‘weight loss for women’, you’d most probably see many sites mentioning the effectiveness of this program… and they’d be right.

Leonardo da Vinci Kept His Dirty Little Secret Hidden For Centuries… Until Today

By 3 weeks ago

Reading Time: 2 minutes At the time of his death in 1519, Leonardo had filled over 7,000 bulky journals with his exceptionally detailed drawings of the human body. After his death, these journals were mysteriously either lost or stolen, and they remained that way for hundreds of years. It wasn’t until 1690, when Leonardo’s artwork was becoming famous, that these journals […]

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