5 MIN TONED ARMS | Fitmas Day 11

Hey guys, I’m back with another 5 min toned arms workout! Did you finish the workout without dropping your arms? Let me know in the comments below! Thank you for the support on my Fitmas Challenge, I’m so glad so many of you are enjoying it! #tonedarms #leanarms #weightlessarmworkout

What is the Fitmas Challenge?

I will be posting a new workout every day in the two weeks leading up to Christmas, so from December 11-24! There is a wide variety of workouts, and I have planned it so some days are more intense and other days are much lighter so you can give your body time to rest! I really hope you enjoy this 2 Week Challenge, and make sure you check the community page on my channel to keep up to date with everything!

2 Week Fitmas Challenge Planner:

December 11 – BTS Dance Workout
December 12 – 20 min Cardio Boxing
December 13 – 10 min Lazy Day Workout
December 14 – 20 min Inner/Outer Thigh Leg Workout
December 15 – 5 min Toned Arms/Jumping Jack Workout
December 16 – 25 min HIIT Workout
December 17 – 10 min Stretch

December 18 – Christmas Dance Workout
December 19 – 15 min Booty Workout
December 20 – 25 min Dancer HIIT
* December 21 – 5 min Weightless Arm Workout
December 22 – 10 min Lower Abs Workout
December 23 – 20 min HIIT Workout
December 24 – Song Full Body Workout

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