6 Pack Abs Workout | Just 6 Minutes!! (FOLLOW ALONG)

If you want to get abs then this 6 pack abs workout is the perfect place to start. You can follow along with this home abs workout without needing any equipment or any advanced level of ability to perform it. Just six ab exercises, each one modified for time to accommodate from beginner levels all the way up to the most extreme.

The structure of this ab workout is simple. You will perform each of the six pack exercises for either 20 seconds, 30 seconds or 40 seconds. The shorter time will be for those looking for a bit of an easy ab workout while the longer time will be for those looking for a hard abs workout. There is even a separate ab exercise option included that will be something that the most advanced trainees can perform.

As soon as the first beep sounds, that is when the beginners will stop performing the exercise and wait until the next exercise begins. The second beep sounds when the intermediate levels will stop performing the ab movement. The final long beep is when the advanced will finish performing that particular ab exercise.

After the second and fourth exercises you will get an additional amount of time to rest. This will come in handy since your abs will likely be on fire at this point from this insane ab workout. Whatever you do, don’t give in. I’ll perform this follow along six pack ab workout with you to make sure that you don’t fail.

With that said, here is what the workout looks like spelled out.

Ab Halos x 20 sec / 30 sec / 40 sec + additional 10 second rest at the end
Backward 7’s x 20 sec / 30 sec / 40 sec + additional 20 second rest at the end
Sidewinders Left x 20 sec / 30 sec / 40 sec + additional 10 second rest at the end
Sidewinders Right x 20 sec / 30 sec / 40 sec + additional 10 second rest at the end
Bear Hops x 20 sec / 30 sec / 40 sec + additional 20 second rest at the end
Alternating Thigh Taps x 20 sec / 30 sec / 40 sec + additional 10 second rest at the end
Power Ups x 20 sec / 30 sec / 40 sec + additional 10 second rest at the end

As with any well written home ab workout there is no equipment required to perform these exercises for a six pack. Anyone can do this with just a little bit of floor space and a desire to make it through these entire 6 minutes.

Ripped 6 pack abs are not easy to get. If they were, everyone would likely be walking around with them. That said, they require little more than a good solid workout for abs and consistency with that routine. This is an actual ab workout that I follow every single day to make sure that I continue to strengthen my abs without needing a gym or elaborate equipment to do it.

Now if you want to take it to the next level and you are looking for an ab challenge that is borderline insane then you will want to check out the torcher option. Here we include the use of a hanging bar so you can do harder ab exercises to really etch in that 6 pack when you are more advanced. The exercises remain the same in function but the difficulty level of each of them is magnified. If you choose this route then the goal is to simply perform them for as much of the 40 second period as you can on each exercise. Stopping only to rest briefly if needed and getting right back up to finish the move if you can.

The key with any ab workout routine however is that you must also be willing to watch your nutrition to get rid of the body fat that may be covering your six pack abs right now. Remember, we all have abdominal muscles. How much of them you can see is going to depend on how good your nutrition is. If you aren’t willing to eat right then no matter how many home ab workouts you do, 6 minutes at a time, you still won’t be able to see the results of your hard work.

If you are looking for a complete nutrition plan for a 6 pack then you will want to head to athleanx.com and check out our X Factor Meal Plan, included in each of our workout programs. This will guide you step by step through your diet to make sure that your abs don’t only show but that you keep them year round. Click the link below to pick the plan most suited to your specific goals.

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