Anne Approves Erwan Heussaff’s Korean Corndog and Banana Cue Corn Dogs

Making some Korean corndogs and putting a little Filipino twist to it… thus, the banana cue corn dog!

Will Anne Curtis approve Erwan Heussaff’s corn dogs? Comment below.

Jump to:
Intro (0:00)
Skateboarding Mishap (1:35)
Korean Corn Dog Attempt #1 (2:10)
Taste Test #1 – Erwan (4:24)
Korean Corn Dog Attempt #2 (5:06)
Taste Test #2 – Anne (5:58)
Banana Cue Corn Dog Attempt #1 (7:10)
Taste Test #3 (8:39)
Banana Cue Corn Dog Attempt #2 (9:50)

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Kashka Gaddi – Content Producer
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Julius Rivera – Videographer
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Dana Blaze – Editor
Dustin Dagamac – Content Creator
Trist Bagano – Content Manager
Chester Velasco – Production Assistant
Sofia Paderes – Graphic Designer
Roanne Santos – Admin

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