Are Your Genetics KILLING Your Gains?

Ever wondered if you have good enough genetics to actually build muscle? If so, this is the video you need to watch. Jeff Cavaliere and Jesse Laico dive into the viewer mailbox to answer the question of what can be done if your genetics for building muscle just aren’t so great.

The reality is, far too often people try and simplify one of the most complicated phenomena in the human body – genetics. It is not as simple as having either good genetics or bad genetics. Instead, you may have elements of your genetics that are favorable for building muscle and getting ripped while others are not nearly as gifted.

Instead of looking at yourself as either a Lamborghini or a Prius you have to realize that no matter what model car your body resembles at the moment you can quickly improve it – just as if you were to upgrade to a better package on the model you have now.

As with any discussion of genetics however, there are intangibles and outside factors that influence that way your genetics express themselves. If you do these things right, the expression of your genes can wind up with an entirely different outcome than you would expect.

Let’s discuss some of the things that are hard coded however and not likely to be influenced by anything other than picking your parents. These are called anthropometric factors. Things that influence your body structure, dimensions and proportions. Bone structure and skeletal width are very important factors. Let’s face it, if you are 5 foot 7 and have narrow shoulders you will never have the muscle mass like the Rock.

He simply has a much wider, broader skeleton that allows him to pack on much more muscle than you do. Now that doesn’t mean that you can’t optimize the amount of muscle that you can put on your frame and look amazing at the end of the day.

Other things like the torso to lower body ratio can dramatically impact leverages and your ability to lift strongly. It leads to reason that if you have better leverage to perform more powerful lifts that you will have an easier time building muscle through overload than someone who has very unfavorable limb lengths.

It goes even further…

If you have poor distribution of androgen receptors within your muscle bellies you simply won’t respond hormonally to training as a stimulus as someone who has a greater density of them. Likewise, if your muscles are made up of a much higher proportion of type I fibers rather than type II, your ability to be explosive and carry more muscle as a result will be lower.

These are things that you cannot change much, if at all, so it doesn’t merit much focus in your training.

The things that can be changed however are your willpower and consistency of training. I don’t care what your genetics look like, if you are willing to commit to a consistent workout program or schedule and get yourself in the gym on a regular basis to train hard and smart – you will have better results than most who don’t or aren’t willing to do the same.

Likewise, if you have a greater capacity to remain focused during a session or have a higher threshold for pain and training discomfort you will likely be able to push yourself harder than the next person and get a greater stimulus for growth from your workouts.

Of course, what you do outside the gym matters immensely in other areas as well.

What does your nutrition look like? Are you eating well enough to support your hard training in the gym? Are you getting adequate sleep to promote optimal recovery from your workouts which will help you to recover faster and see better gains because of it.

The bottom line is this, instead of looking to others and idolizing their results in comparison to yours, focus on yours alone and look for ways to optimize them. I promise you this, if you do, the results you achieve will be nothing short of amazing and better than you ever could have imagined. If you’re looking for your question to be answered in a future episode of AX JEFF, be sure to leave a comment below this video and you might be selected next.

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