Hey guys & welcome back to another video! for today I have a week in my life video !!! it includes: workouts, book reviews, clothing haul, grocery haul, & being reunited with my long-distance boyfriend!

Workout I did: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEnbQQsC7_8

Revolve Items:
*Pink Sweater – http://www.revolve.com/content/deeplink/Womens/product/MALR-WK171?source=siplt&siplt=1f8a1&utm_source=rev_ambassador&utm_medium=ambassador&utm_campaign=glob_b_1f8a1
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What Are The Health Benefits of Fitness Jump Rope?

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the United States so enhancing your cardio health and fitness is a must. HIIT dive rope is one of the most adaptable as well as practical health and fitness tool you can find. Begin leaping now and also you will certainly enjoy its benefits in no time.

The Key Reasons Why Women Give Up on Fitness

Slenderness and beauty are the key goals women attempt to seek. Nevertheless, such aspects as disappointment, laziness or boredom usually come to be the reasons ladies dislike exercises. The article talks about some more issues that may protect against women from regular exercising.

Dance Fitness Anytime Anywhere Workout Amazing Benefits

Time is limited for numerous and also it is hard to fit in mosting likely to the gym regularly. There is an enjoyable means to melt calories as well as even have enjoyable doing duties or time with good friends. Dance has actually fantastic benefits detailed below and also can be easily matched a hectic schedule.

In a Fitness Rut? 5 Ways to Get Motivated Now!

It can be difficult to remain motivated to exercise day-to-day. Here are five ideas for improving your physical fitness motivation!

The Problem With Short Term Exercise Programmes

In my viewpoint when it concerns exercise short-term programs do not function, people require long-term support. This was reviewed at a seminar for workout professionals I was at just recently, bearing in mind virtually every other trainer in the space had a short-term 14/21/28 day change program this was not what everybody desired to hear.

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